Our Story

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website and blog!!

After many years of sharing our adventures in prepping, canning, gardening, wildcrafting, etc., on Facebook & Instagram, our friends and family suggested we start a blog to reach a broader audience.

This year we have decided to take the leap and start our own website and blog!

We hope our blog will be your first stop not only to learn more about gardening, canning etc., but also about community events and happenings in Mineral, WA and the surrounding areas.

So, welcome! Welcome to Misty Meadows… where the adventure begins! I hope you’ll join us!

Meet the Team

Ms. Misty

After years working as a public servant in a small California, beachside community, she has retired to Washington State to live out her homesteader dream along with her family.

It is there you will find her tending bees, wrangling chickens, gardening, hunting, baking, preserving food, making soap and medicinal balms and salves as she studies to become a certified herbalist.  

She is also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator who hopes to have her own “Ham Shack” in the near future.

She and her family are currently building toward teaching others vital skills of self sufficiency.

Mr. Misty

Growing up in Central Washington State, he and his family raised animals, fruits, and vegetables on small farms in the area. These experiences shaped his love for all things outdoors and greatly influenced him in becoming and avid hunter and fisherman.

He spent many years working in construction, auto repair, and telecommunications from coast to coast until a work related injury sidelined him.

Though dealing with physical limitations and limited mobility, his dream has always been to own a small, remote homestead.

Beekeeping, raising animals, gardening, harvesting and preserving food… and making Ms. Misty’s homestead dreams come true are all things he enjoys doing.

He believes in working smarter, not harder, and tackles any task needed to create a more self-sustaining homestead for himself and Ms. Misty. Knowing his food is raised and grown without chemicals or any of the other things store-bought food has brings him peace of mind.

Important life skills such as raising animals and growing/preserving your own food are skills of great value to him. He thinks these are skills everyone should know and together with Ms. Misty, loves sharing their knowledge with others.

Our beautiful homestead life.
Luke 12:34

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