Are We Too… Connected?

The power is out… again.

When we moved here almost 3-years ago, it seemed every wind gust or rain squall took out a power line affecting us. You’d think all those years of my mom telling me I needed to learn how to “entertain myself” and “play alone” (she said, “It will build character.”) would have helped, but when the power goes out, I feel… restless and alone.

And, not ‘alone’ in the good way, like when your house has been full of guests for a week and they all return from winch they came.

No, this is… uncomfortable.

It’s a restless tension I just can’t seem to shake.

You never really notice the hum that surrounds your daily life — until it’s removed. The refrigerator emits a constant click and whirr, with the occasional clatter of ice being released in the freezer, the coffee pot sounds an alarm to alert us our brew is on its way to getting cold, and there is usually a TV on in one of the rooms. Even the lights seem to emit some sort of low-frequency noise.

When they go mute, all I’m left with is a deafening silence… and the realization that I may be a bit too ‘connected’.

Last week, the week before Easter, I decided to take a break from “personal” social media. I wanted more time to reflect on life and faith. I had to keep our business accounts going, but my personal day to day perusal of friends profiles and pages came to an abrupt halt.

I didn’t make any big announcement or proclamation, I just quietly deactivated my account.

This resulted in several people contacting me via email or through our business FB messenger asking if they had done something to offend me.

Someone even sent my mom an email asking if everything was ok with me.

While I appreciated the concern, one thing really struck me – those who I thought would notice my absence, didn’t. And, those that did notice aren’t typically the ones who throw my posts a “like”, which surprised me because I thought they would be the last to notice, if ever they did, that I was… gone.

I’m not really sure what to make of that.

Have I been focusing my energies on the wrong relationships? Does it even really matter? Do I really need ‘social’ media to be social?

But, my biggest takeaway from this self-imposes “social media vacation” is the peace that came from disconnecting.

It’s not that I don’t care what’s going on in the world or in the lives of those I am “friends” with, but so much of it is just… drama. Drama I can’t fix and can really do without in my life.

We live in a world of exaggeration. Someone says they are dying… it was just a cold. Another says they broke something…it was just a mild sprain. Someone says the world is ending…their wife forgot to buy milk.

Have we become a society who just posts for a reaction? Are we all just trying to find acceptance and maybe even a bit of relief… “Hey, let me get this off my chest… and dump it all over you. You don’t mind, do you?”

Has social media become the place where we get our worth, rather than where it really comes from: God?

Hey, I admit it – I post A LOT of personal stuff. My journey with Breast Cancer, the cool things I’m learning or baking or making or some random thought or pictures of our bees, chickens, garden, and pets; I guess I just assume people are as excited as I am about what I am learning – lol!

But mostly, I post that stuff for those I’m “close” to, rarely thinking of the greater body of my “Friends List”.

There are people in my life who I wish lived closer so they could just come over and share in all these neat (and at times, messy) things that comprise my “life”. I love there is a way I can share my life with them and they can, in turn, share their life with me.

It’s the rest of it I can do without: The liars. Those who think your post is about THEM when it wasn’t. The ones that ONLY respond to your post when they have something negative to add.

I’m tired of hearing about collusion, Governors running for the highest office in the land who can’t seem to run their own state (thanks, Jay), the vapid comments coming out of Hollyweird…I have a longer list of grievances, but I think I’ll spare you because you’re smart and get my point.

When the power went out, Mr. Misty and I ran over to the Mineral Market to see if anyone had the scoop as to why it was out. The store, now without power, closed early for the day, so we drove around until we saw the PUD truck and followed them – come on, it was better than staying home in the dark.

It turned out there was a problem with the line close to our property. So, we parked in our driveway, where we could view their efforts and quietly cheered them on. Soon we noticed our porch light flicker back on and with a sense of relief, we went home.

As we entered the house, we were met with the familiar clicks, whirls, and clatters and my sense of peace returned.

Do you find you too are overly connected? How do you cope? Tell us in the comments.

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