Thank you for your interest in the Homesteaders of Instagram (HOI) Community & Events!  We are excited you are interested in participating!!

Instagram Follow Loops and Follow Trains are cutting edge ways to gain followers/likes and increase others awareness of your Instagram profile and other social media pages.  

Follow Trains

Follow TRAINS are more INFORMAL than Follow LOOPS.  

To celebrate group members for various occasions, kindnesses, and assistance, a Train may have a host, however, Trains generally don’t have specific hosts and can be boarded (just like a real train) at any point during the duration of the event. 

We will provide the entire group with the graphics & script, and you simply create a post; in Instsgram, using what we provide.  

Follow Loops

Loops more formal than Trains and a bit more complicated.

How they work

To create a loop, several Homesteaders agree to host a follow loop on their Instagram. 

Up to 15 Instagram pages will host a Follow Loop.  

We will provide you with the graphics & script, and you simply create a post, in Instagram, using what we provide.  

Each participating page will direct their audience to a different member’s page where eventually people will loop back to the initial page. 

For example: 

Homestead A sends people to like Homestead B

Homestead B sends people to like Homestead C

Homestead C sends people to like Homestead D

Homestead D sends people to like Homestead E

Homestead E sends people to like Homestead A


Everyone MUST post at the SAME time, otherwise, the loop will be broken.  We typically post at 6 pm PST (here is the breakdown for the other time zones in North America: 7 pm MST /8 pm CST or 9 pm EST – if you are outside of North America please let us know.)

It’s pretty easy… once you’re done it’s time or two.  

If this sounds like fun, and you’re a Homesteader or someone interested in that lifestyle, we’d love to have you join us! !