HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our group members born in MARCH!
Below you will find their birthdays and their Instagram handles. Go visit them and wish them a happy birthday and check out their amazing posts!

03/01 Jenna @crazyadventureofus 
03/03 Arielle @tulgeywoodhomestead
03/03 Honey @Farmfitmama
03/03 Vanessa @forest.grove.hills.vegstead
03/11 Christine @Three_springs_farm
03/11 Emily @windypinesfarmette
03/12 Ashley @cchomestead
03/13 Debra @little_m_farms
03/14 Samantha @almondstarlight
03/17 Liz @thecapecoop
03/23 Lizzie @brownbarnrach
03/27 Amber @ranchbaby22
03/28 Kerrie @kerriehubbard
03/29 Eva @greenbellajourney

Y’all are what make the HOI Community/Tribe an amazing experience! We hope you know how much you are valued and adored! We are so glad you are a part of this amazing community!

If you’re a Homesteader or someone interested in that lifestyle, we’d love to have you join us!