The Current Seed Swap is CLOSED

This is how the HOI Seed Swap will work:


The most important thing is to make sure the seeds you swap are viable and not “old”, meaning the seeds will grow when planted. No one wants duds.

The seeds can be ones you have purchased or that you have saved yourself. Please, just no GMO or seeds that have been chemically treated. Think… bee ? friendly!


You can package your seeds in small envelopes that you have purchased or ones that you have made. They can be plain or fancy. Decorated or not.

Some people even include extra items like bookmarks or a favorite recipe they make with the harvest from the seeds they are sending… Just have fun!

Your seed packets should include the seed type, growing zone, planting depth, germination, and days to maturity. As well as any special planting information: are they heirloom? Open pollinated? Or both? Please include any information that the recipient would find useful.

Please include enough seeds to make it worthwhile for the person who will be receiving them. For example, one corn kernel isn’t enough for a nice harvest, however, 10 would be. Five radish seeds are really not enough, but 20 would make for nice harvest. A few pepper or tomato seeds are enough as each plant will produce multiple fruits.

Unusual seeds are always fun. I was recently given hollyhock seeds that were gathered from the childhood home of Will Rogers!

Once we have a final tally of participants, I will send you each a message and you will need to send $5 via PayPal using the “friends & family” option, this way we can avoid fees and keep the shipping low. You will also need to ship your seeds to the address below.


There have been several people who have indicated they don’t have seeds to share much less have seeds for themselves.

Others of you have said you have so many seeds you don’t want to participate in the swap but you would like to donate to it.

I think there is a way we can help both of you!

If you have seeds you would like to donate, but don’t want to participate, please mail them to me at the address above, marking them “hardship” and I will make sure they get to those needing them.

One of the greatest gifts we can give is the ability to help others help themselves!

If you are someone who is experiencing hardship and truly don’t have the means to purchase your own seeds this year, please send me a message and I will see what I can do to get you some seeds.

HOWEVER… There will be one little stipulation to this. You need to pay it forward. Share a few tomatoes with your neighbors, give a zucchini to someone who could really use it…pay it forward.

The Seed Swap is CLOSED

If you’re a Homesteader or someone interested in that lifestyle, we’d love to have you join us!