In the Garden – What Every Gardener Needs – a Journal!!

If you want to minimize failure and maximize fun and success, then keeping a Garden Journal is one of your most valuable tools!

Over the years, I have found keeping a garden journal to be an invaluable tool used before, during and after the growing seasons. It’s where I track my successes, epic failures and everything in between.

I usually begin planning while in the depths of winter, when fatigue of the frigid weather has gotten the best of me and my heart and soul are longing for the warmth that spring brings with it. I can’t help but think about all the veggies I want to grow, and start making lists of seeds I currently have on hand and those I need to purchase or trade for.

If you’ve never participated in a seed trading/swap event, you should look into it. It’s fun and you can often pick up some unusual seeds.

There are several groups on Facebook that focus on sneed trading:

Great American Seed Swap / Trade Project
Herbals for Greenies (Medicinal Seeds)
Sacred Seed Traders
Seed Swap
Wanna Talk Seeds and Talk Gardening – Original

And of course our favorite is OUR Homesteaders of Instagram Seed Swap, held twice yearly via Instagram and Facebook.

With a little research you might even find a local group or you could even start one yourself! It’s a great way to get seeds that aren’t readily availible commercially and a way to clear out seeds you have too many of or aren’t fond of. It’s also a wonderful way to meet other gardeners.

As winter progresses, I begin tracking how many weeks before my last frost date I need to plant a particular seed, the date I actually plant the seed and when spring arrives, when I transplant it in the garden.  Once transplanted, I note when I water and fertilize, if and when it’s been treated for disease or pests, and when it should be harvested.  I make notes about problems and ideas for next year.  And finally, during the harvest, I note what, when and how much was harvested and any final notes about the season in general.

Here is the Grarden Journal/Planner I created a couple of years ago.  I wasn’t very fancy but it got the basic job done.  I always wanted to add a bit more to it, but would find myself too busy while in the midst of the growing season to even contemplate creating something more substantial.  I would tell myself, “next year”. Next year I would create something better to keep myself organized.

Next year finally came.

A few winters ago, while the snow on the ground prevented us from completing many other tasks, I was able to sit down and create a comprehensive garden journal.  It started as tool for me, but it grew into something even better!  I began thinking about my gardening friends, especially those juse starting out and what they might want or need in a garden journal.  I even went to a few experienced gardeners for tips and ideas.  

What came from all the research was a garden journal that has everything you could imagine to help any gardener, experienced or not, stay organized.

This isn’t your ordinary Garden Journal/Planner – this one is EXTREME with 60 pages and 30 DIFFERENT logs, planners, charts and tips that not only will help you stay organized, as a result of being organized, you’ll have a better gardening experience!!

This PDF version is an Instant Digital Download product (No physical item will be shipped) available for purchase thought our Etsy Shop.

It has been designed to be printed double-sided, landscape (11″x8.5″) and fits nicely in a standard 3-ring binder.  You can print as many or as few of the pages as you need and because it’s not year specific (except for the Moon Phase page), you can print out new copies for years to come.

Purchase it now through our Esty Shop.

  • General Garden Information
  • Weekly Planner
  • Montly Calender
  • Season Garden Chores
  • Garden Projects
  • Moon Phases
  • Daily Weather Observations
  • Mothly Weather Observations
  • Spring Garden Plot Sketch
  • Fall Garden Plot Sketch
  • Square Foot Garden Sketch
  • Crop Rotation Plan
  • Companion Planting Chart
  • Succession Planting Chart
  • Produce for a Year Planner
  • Seed Inventory
  • Seeds to Purchase
  • Individual Plant Profile
  • Seedlings Started
  • Transplant & Direct Sow
  • Soil & Amendments
  • Rainfall & Irrigation
  • Pests & Disease Treaetment
  • Season’s Harvest
  • Harvest Preservation
  • Seed Saving
  • Saved Seed
  • Contact information

You will find yourself referring to it year after year after year – we sure do!

Yes, we use this too and have found that it has made a world of difference!  Using our garden journal has helped us minimize our gardening mistakes and has maximized our gardening successes making gardening so much more rewarding!

Do you keep a Garden Journal?  What kind of format do you keep yours in?  We’d love to hear about it!

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