While dealing with our own health issues, we encountered a system that tends to ‘throw’ medication at the problem rather than getting to the root of it.

There is a time and place for pharmaceutical intervention, however, we began exploring other, more natural ways to bring comfort. This lead us to creating products that not only helped us, but helped those close to us, so much so we decided to offer them to you!

We strive to create products that are handmade, using locally and/or ethically and sustainable sourced botanicals and additives. Many of these are harvested from the wilds of our own homestead – they grow naturally, without our help or interference, meaning they are never exposed to any man-made (and often harmful) chemicals.

Though we do use some synthetic fragrances and colorants, the majority of our scents and colors are obtained through natural sources and processes such as essential oils for scent and botanicals long used for dyeing fibers and work well in soaps and other skin care products.

Our products are AMAZING and our customers have found what they needed. Yes, that’s pretty vague. Unfortunately, the FDA prohibits us from making any specific claims regarding our products. Within our listings we provide a list of our ingredients which you can research on your own and come to your conclusions.